There will be consumers who will have no hesitation to upgrade their summer wardrobe and buy a fresh set of thong swimsuit bottoms.

Others will like the idea but might be on the fence about the concept, while other women will steer well clear of the idea given the lack of body coverage with these sexy designs.

From whatever approach is taken during this expedition online and offline, there are some common threads and types of feedback that should be taken on board before making a decision.


Great Items for Body Confidence

Women who love to show off their curves and booty absolutely fall in love with thong swimsuit bottoms once the weather heats up. Whatever the shape, these items highlight key features while offering that sensual sex appeal. Some users who have a habit of adopting traditional styles might consider this too much of a leap, but user after user will advocate for the option given the newfound body confidence that this material illustrates.


Waist Straps are an Asset

For those women who are slightly on the self-conscious side about adopting a set of thong swimsuit bottoms for the summer season, waist straps offer a great compromise. The added thickness will offer more extensive coverage across the waist region while continuing to produce a sleek sexy image in the process. If that level of support sounds enticing, then this is a feature to look out for.


A Backup Pair is Valuable

A majority of thong swimsuit bottoms will be somewhat fragile depending on how frequently they are used. Particularly when shifting from hot sand to saltwater conditions, there is a degree of wear and tear that has to be factored into the practical use of the product. Rather than being caught short and having to find a backup due to a tear or a misplacement, it is always worthwhile investing in a backup pair.


The One-Piece Works For Some

It has to be said from the outset that not everyone is a fan of the one-piece when it comes to thong swimsuit bottoms. They look the part for lifeguards and enthusiasts for 90s beach fashion apparel, but they are not everyone’s cup of tea. What they are is a great gateway to other thong swimsuit options. Once the user feels confident showing off the bottom and feeling comfortable and empowered with this sleek fabric, the transition to an out-and-out thong is relatively straightforward.


High vs. Low Rise Choice Selection is Key

Low-rise thong swimsuit bottoms are far more common across the board. Take a summer walk across any beach or visit any public pool area and this will likely be the bottom of choice for many consumers. Yet there has been a recent spike in high-rise selections to showoff the top of the thighs, offering high-leg and low-leg alternatives. A mix-and-match purchasing approach could work, but shoppers will commonly fall on one side of the equation in the high vs. low-rise cut dynamic.


Shop Around for Inspiration

These bottoms come in all manner of shapes, textures, colour schemes and patterns. Why stick to what the local retail outlet offers? In many cases, they will be limited by current stock supplies while there is an entire global marketplace of goods waiting to be purchased at a click of a button. Instagram does not have to be the social media hub of choice, but this is a great utility for women who want to find inspiration and allow the search algorithm to publish more options and great deals.


Once a shopper has developed experience with thong swimsuit bottoms, the buying process becomes far easier to navigate. There will be an understanding with size, with the type of material and the reliability of a brand.


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