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The care we take at the time of painting,

Some precautions may be helpful to make the procedure simpler and safer. The first one is the date choice. Prefer milder days, so that the drying is faster and to prevent the weather from getting in the way.

If your pool has cracks and holes, perform repair, and make sure that the drying time of the material used in the correction has been complied with before you start painting. It is also essential to make sure that the surface is thoroughly clean, dry, degreased, and free of waste products which might react with the ink to avoid bubbles. Remember to always use personal protective equipment such as a mask, gloves, and goggles and take the necessary safety precautions to deal with the materials. Otherwise, you may suffer from eye, lung, and skin irritations.

Now that you already know how to paint a pool count on our blog to start practicing. We are a painted house, with employees trained to offer the best service.