If you are in a position to speak to your employer about future investment in an array of commercial solar panels, then you might still be hesitant to raise the topic with them. This is perfectly natural, as you may feel like you don’t have the adequate authority or experience to recommend a business decision like this.

However, due to the rapidly deteriorating climate change situation, and the subsequent public pressure to switch to renewables, an investment in commercial solar panels makes more sense now than ever. Right now, it simply does not make sense for businesses that use a lot of electricity not to leverage some kind of renewable energy source, especially when you consider all of the benefits they bring.

If you want to make an argument to your boss about the benefits of investing in commercial solar panels, then consider the points in this article. Hopefully your boss will be able to see the utility of this investment.


1.    Saving money on power costs

The most obvious argument you can make to your boss about the benefits of investing in commercial solar panels is that they will help to offset the total amount of money the company spends on electricity from the municipal power grid. When you install a PV array in your business, you are able to generate electricity in-house for free, with the only limit on how much you can generate being the weather.

The more panels you have, the more power you will generate for free, and the less you will end up needing to pay for. Also, if you invest in a battery system, you can store excess power that was not used during the day, allowing you to recycle it or sell it back to the municipal grid in the form of discount credits on your power bill.


2.   Marketing benefits

Of course, you can also play the angle with your boss that the news of the company making the switch to renewable energy via investment in commercial solar panels is going to be a good marketing decision. This is because the public likes it when a business makes an eco-friendly investment that shows they are seeking to be part of the solution, and not a part of the ongoing problem of climate change.

When you invest in commercial solar panels, the business is able to share this news on its website and on social media. This will influence the public mindshare about the business in a positive way, and more people will end up choosing to spend money with you because of this positive association.


3.   Earth benefits

two men installing solar panels

If all else fails, you can try appealing to your bosses’ sense of humanity by arguing that they need to follow the example of other business and try to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. The fact that doing the right thing will also mean saving money and improving the reputation of the company make the decision to switch even sweeter.

Protecting the environment and the future of the human race is important for everyone to commit to, and on every level. If you believe that investing in commercial solar panels is the right thing to do, then argue for it.

There you have it, 3 key benefits of investing in commercial solar panels that you can tell your boss about.

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